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Bagpipe Christmas Music

Hellbound Sleigh - Bagpipe and Fiddle Christmas MusicI first met The Rogues years ago at the Texas Renaissance Festival. My old band shared a stage with them. I always liked bagpipe music, but The Rogues changed everything for me. They made me fall in LOVE with bagpipe music.

Their albums range from the traditional bagpipe tunes to the not-so-traditional. And it's the later that drew me to them. Their album 5.0 blew me away when I heard what you could really do with bagpipes. It wasn't just bagpipes. It was SO much more.

That's what drew me to their bagpipe Christmas music album, Hellbound Sleigh. This is their tenth album, and it's not just bagpipes. It's filled with musical surprises from full on Highland bagpipes to smallpipes and flute by EJ Jones to Scottish fiddle by Miriam-Rose Leduc to you name it. It's these surpises that makes them my favorite band on my bagpipe music specials of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

It's for this reason Hellbound Sleigh will be in regular rotation on my Celtic Christmas playlist.

I can't wait to feature the album in this year's Celtic Christmas Podcast.

You should own it too. You will love it this Christmas!

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The Rogues Instrumentation

Randy Wothke - Percussion, keyboard, bodhran, Drum Kit, Scottish Snare Drum
Lars Sloan - Percussion, Highland bagpipes
Bryan Blaylock - Percussion, bodhran
Jimmy Mitchell - Highland bagpipes
Ewan Brown - Guitar, Percussion, Drum Kit, bagpipes, Whistle
Kyle Grasty - Highland bagpipes